All of our starter sites include

Customized Design

Your business is unique and your website should just as unique! Send us the photos and content you would like on your website, and let us do our magic. We'll optimize the content for SEO and lead generation, but ultimately the website should be exactly what you want.

Mobile Responsive

More than half of website traffic is viewed on mobile phones or smaller devices. All of our starter websites are mobile responsive and load fast. Ideally, your potiential customers shouldn't be waiting for the website to load.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Kickstart

We want you to succeed. When your website first launches, we will identify keywords your business wants to rank for and guide you through that process. We'll write your websites 'keywords' and 'description', as well as submit an inital site map to Google and Bing, so potiential customers can find you easily on the web.

Lead Generation Optimized

What's a website if it doens't generate new leads? All of our starter websites come optimized to guide your leads through information and eventually a call-to-action. Your entire site comes ready to generate good leads. All of our starter sites include some kind of contact or lead collection tool.


Often people underestimate the value of a good hosting company... Aquivera, hosts and maintains all of the infrastructure that makes your site 'go'. Our starter packages come with a hosting plan of your choice.

Support and Service

Typical web development companies build a website and three years later it starts looking old because design trends have changed. Aquivera is proud of all of our clients, that why every two years we will update the look and feel of your website at no additional charge. We do ongoing updates and content adjustments to your website as well.

Necessary steps to perfection.

Aquivera's goal is to make getting a website as easy and as stress free as possible. We stay in constant contact with you and your team to make sure the website gets done right the first time.

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1. Tell us about your company

In order to build an effective website, we should know a little about your company first; your target customers; and current marketing strategy. We'll also ask for your preferred design choices, so we can build a mockup for you.

2. Send us the content

Once we understand your business and you choose a design, we will populate the design with your photos and content (i.e. about us sections, products, etc). Once all the content is there we will identify SEO keywords and optmize the content of your website to convert new leads.

3. Watch your site go live

Before you site goes live, we'll get your hosting set up, as well as purchase an domains you would like. Next we identify keywords to help your SEO and optimize the content on your website to convert leads. Finally, drive traffic to your optimized website and let Aquivera host and maintain everything else!

Starter Packages

SEO Friendly, Optimized to Convert... It's pretty bomb.

Single Page Site with a Contact Form

Facebook pages are great lead capture tools for your website! Our starter websites are optimized to convert the web traffic you refer to it. Using effective call-to-actions, we guide users down the page, educating them on your services and brand. Start capturing leads your facebook page won't!

4 page with a Blog and Contact Page

Our philosphy on lead generation is "give, give, give, ask". Use a blog to give readers free information that is relevant to your business and a clear call-to-action at the bottom of each post. Blogs can also help boost your businesses Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by targeting keywords in each post!

E-Commerce Site

For the first time in 2015 online sales eclipsed traditional retail sales. Let Aquivera help bring your store online and move more inventory.

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Websites starting at $300 upfront and $95 per month.

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Working with Aquivera will give you the peace of mind to know that all of your technology needs are taken care of. There's nothing we love more than seeing our clients succeed, so partner with us and position your business for success.