We have one core principle when it comes to web development: Your website should act as your best salesmen, your best customer service rep, and your best brand ambassador. Gone are the days when websites were used as just a glorified brochure or flyer. Customers now expect a brand’s website to be responsive, interactive and useful. We don’t build websites. We build platforms and craft experiences.

Strategy + Development

To completely understand what this means, you have to first understand what most people are selling you. See, most digital agencies or web design companies are generally one trick ponies. For instance, a web designer might be really good at desiging aesthically pleasing websites, but he knows nothing of marketing, development or business intelligence. Aquivera's methodology is the intersection of advanced development prowsess, great design and intelligent strategy. This prism forms the foundation of our services and our philosophy as a company.

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Our Development Process

Battle tested and ready for your next web development project!


We’ll first do a deep content and SEO analysis of the current website. We’ll do our best to see where all the traffic of your site is coming to, and where, on-site, they are spending the most time. We’ll then wire-frame out the layout for the new site, define goals and objectives, begin Initial development.


In this stage we will begin primary development by implementing a custom design on top of our proprietary Onyx CMS or the CMS of your choice. We’ll implement our marketing platform add-ons as well as an analytics platform and we’ll aggregate any additional content or data needed for the project.


We’ll begin the process of uploading your website to our server, implementing the marketing platform and email autoresponders. We’ll begin monthly maintenance and point your domain to our servers.


Our nerds will the site. No, seriously, they’ll break the website. We’ll do everything in this stage to make sure that the website loads incredibly fast and can handle under stress. We also make sure your site displays well on every single browser and platform.

We are driven by creating experiences that deliver results for your business and for your customers.

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We aren't a marketing company...
But we think like one!

Aquivera will position your company for maximum success, by using industry standardized marketing and digital strategy best practices. If you have an existing marketing company, we will work closely with them to integrate our technology and their marketing for maximum effect! If you don't have a marketing company, Aquivera can help you find one that aligns with our standards.

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