Custom is not a “buzzword”

If we say we’re going to build a custom piece of software. We mean we’re going to build a custom piece of software. From white board to industry application, we nurture our apps through the entire development life cycle.

How we think

As a company, we have no interest in building out functionality that “just works”. We aspire to create platforms that truly stand out from all the rest.

Let's build something great.

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We are driven by creating experiences that deliver results for your business and for your consumers. So, when we begin building an application, the first thing we do is research; find out how we can optimize the app so it is a money maker from the start.

We treat our client's apps like our own. The status quo isn't enough. If you are investing in an application it needs to be leagues ahead of any competitor. Aquivera will work with you to develop new features that enhance the product offering of your app and business.

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Aquivera is on the bleeding edge. We develop databases using NoSQL and MongDB as the driver. All of our API's are written using RESTFUL architecture and a Node.JS backend. This means more requests per second and a better experience for data driven apps.

API Security

Every app we build, web or mobile, is build on the backbone of a RESTFUL API. We secure our API's using industry standard practices and lightweight approaches. Typically, we use token authentication (like Facebook and Twitter). Additionally, SSL encryption is a must to keep your user's data secure.


Most companies cut corners by using 'app containers' in hopes of shortening development time. Aquivera builds native on iOS, Android, and web. This allows us to tap into the powerful features of each platform and develop quality apps that don't break.

Application Maintenance and Updates

If we build it, we'll help you maintain it! We will do updates to your app in whatever frequency you like. Additionally, our development team will keep your licenses up to date (for example iOS developer's license).


Aquivera and it's partners are equipped to manage your application's hosting and maintenance. All of our severs are regularly updated for security.


Our application development team is flexible. We have worked with companies of all sizes (startups included). We bill based on the estimated hours to completion. If it takes longer than expected... It's on us! No extra charges.

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Working with Aquivera will give you the peace of mind to know that all of your technology needs are taken care of. There's nothing we love more than seeing our clients succeed, so partner with us and position your business for success.